[Csaladtortenet 2] Newspapers

Patrick Baudoin patbaudoin at wanadoo.fr
2013. Aug. 2., P, 05:58:10 CEST

> Hello,
> I search Hungarian newspapers on the period around and after  march 11 th 1919 and especially  from the town of Arad or Szeged, Temeswar, Lugoj...
> I found on internet or with the help of genealogist the Pester Lloyd, Welt Blatt, Die neue Zeitung, Budapest Hirlap. All relate the suicide of my ancestor Andor (Josef) Fellner in ARAD.I found also a moovie of his funeral...fabulous discovery.
> Do you know where i can find press archives in Budapest
> I will come to Budapest in august (5 and 6) , and i will be happy to search in these archives.
> Thank you for your help
> Patrick BAUDOIN

patbaudoin at wanadoo.fr

> France

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