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1. New additions to the Hungarian Databases


Subject: New additions to the Hungarian Databases
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I am happy to announce the latest upload into the Hungarian databases, close
10,000 entries. This time our special thanks go to two transcribers who went
personally into local archives, trascribed several registers and then
donated them for our databases.  Radovan Sremac transcribed all the
registers (Births, Marriages  and Deaths) from two smaller communities that
are now in present day Serbia: Erdevik and Sid, while  Peter Absolon took
upon himself to photograph and transcribe a voluminous Kassa register (now
Kosice, Slovakia) covering the death records from 1915 to 1938.  And last
but not least we can thank our regular much ppreciated contributor, Marelynn
Zipser, for her tireless work in Salt Lake City. 
This upload contains her transcriptions of all the microfilms from Onod,
Ozd, Bolyok, Sajokazincz and Nagykanizsa. Finally, we have also added some
new material  to our Szatmar and Szilagy collections: Aranyosmeggyes, Amacz,
Erendred, Erdod, Nagykaroly and Szilagynagyfalu. 

Sarah Feuerstein
Hungarian Vital Records Coordinator 

Moderator:  Koszonom szepen! Many thanks to Sarah and her hard-working
If their efforts help you to find your family consider showing your
appreciation by making a donation to the Hungarian SIG General Fund or the
Transylvania records account at



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