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/*Tisztelt Kutatótársak!*/

/*Az alábbi angol nyelvű levelet Gundacker úr írta. A levélben 
felsorolja, hogy honlapján *//*www.GenTeam.eu 
<http://www.GenTeam.eu>*//**//*   milyen adatbázisokhoz lehet 
hozzáférni, amit jelenleg 1 millió adattal bővített.*/

/*Regisztrálást követően az adatbázisokban ingyen lehet kutatni!

/*Egyúttal természetesen *//*/*kéri */az indexelésben való részvételt 
is. *//*


/*Hunyady László*//*

www.GenTeam.eu <http://www.GenTeam.eu>-   1 Million additional entries 

please, forward this posting to any other group/list. Thank you!

Vienna, November 6^th , 2016

*New at GenTeam:*

-       on my own account

– in total 15,4 million entries online at GenTeam!

1 *New:*Military: Casualty Lists 1914-1919 Austria

2 *New:*Vienna: Coroner´s Inquest Protocols

3 *New:*Vienna: Jewish Community - Resignations 1915-1945

4 *New:*Regional Austria: Commonly Called Names in Carinthia

5      Vienna – Jewish Registers: new Database, additional entries,

advance search possibility

6      Dioceses Passau: approximately 202,000 new entries

7      Vienna: Catholic baptisms – additional records

8      Vienna: Catholic marriages – additional records

9      Vienna: Catholic deaths -  additional records

10     Indices of Jewish registers

11     Indices of Catholic registers from Lower and Upper Austria,

Burgenland, Styria, Tyrol, Bohemia, and Austrian Silesia

Dear Researcher and Genealogist,

*On my own account:*

With today´s online data, *more than 15,4 million entries* are now 
available for the currently 34,200 registered users.

At this point, I would like to thank all individuals, who have furnished 
GenTeam over the last 6,5 years with vital information, all those who 
work on long-term projects, but also all those who work behind the 
scenes to ensure that GenTeam functions properly and continues to expand.

GenTeam is an European platform through which historians and 
genealogists, who work independently or as a team on databases, can 
furnish this data to all researchers. *All data at GenTeam is available 
free of charge.* The use of GenTeam also requires *no membership fee.*

additional developments created parallel to GenTeam are the 
www.GenList.at <http://www.GenList.at>, a bilingual mailing list which 
more than 1,700 members as well as the genealogical link collection at 
www.GenLink.at <http://www.GenLink.at>.

*And now to the Actual update:*

*1     New: Military Casualty Lists*

*Austrian-Hungary World War 1*

In the Casualty Lists you will find the wounded, prisoners of war, and 
the fallen from all member countries of the Habsburg Monarchy. In total, 
there will be approximately 2.5 to 2.8 million entries. You will find 
offices, one-year volunteers, and, naturally, the whole gang with all 
confessions, this, also Jewish, Muslim and Protestant soldiers.

we find: Last Name and First Name, nobilization and academic degree, 
charge, body of troop, sub-branch, home country, district and homeland 
affiliation, year of birth, type of casualty (deceased, wounded or 
captured), in exchange back, etc.), and number of the list, numbers of 
additions and corrections, date of the list, page, and a link to Anno.

All the casualty lists are online; however, the originals are not in a 
good printing quality, so that a full-text search often does not yield a 
positive result.

Two of the excerpts (84 and 686) with a total of over 700 lists are 
already online on GenTeam. After completion, we will install expanded 
search functions, so that you can search for casualties in a certain 
hometown – for example.

I invite you cordially to participate in this fascinating project. We 
gladly send you a compilation and organize the number of your list. 
Please, contact the project manager, Frank Raschka (many thanks, Frank!) 
at verlustliste at gmail.com <mailto:verlustliste at gmail.com>or 
kontakt at GenTeam.at <mailto:kontakt at GenTeam.at>.

*2     New: Vienna – Coroner´s Inquest Protocols from 1648 onwards*

in Vienna, the task of inspecting a corps was assigned to the city 
coroner. This office was outfitted likely in the wake of the adoption of 
infection procedures of 1551.

The mortem protocols of the coroner´s office have survived from 1648 to 
1920 in the Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv (the Vienna Municipal- and 
Provincial Archive) with minor gaps in the early years (between 1920 to 
1938 evidence certificates were published). The database contains names, 
date of examination, profession, residence, age, sickness, date of birth 
(since 1804), status (since 1811), religion (since 1841), jurisdiction 
(since 1867) cemetery (since 1897) and parish of death (since 1900) of 
each individual. The date of examination does not have to be identical 
with the day of death. The exception is the notation of the hour of 
death in the protocol.

To Martha Melchart who already reviewed the years 1648-1653, I would 
like to express here my gratitude.

*3     New: Vienna – Jewish Community *

*Resignations 1915-1945*

After having been able to post the databases of these resignations in 
Vienna from the Jewish Community 1648-1914, made kindly available a few 
years ago by Dr. Anna Staudacher, we now put the index of resignations 
for the years 1915-1945 online on GenTeam in an own database.

*4     New: Commonly Called Names in Carinthia*

This database contains place, commonly called names, cadastral 
community, plat number, manor and arable land number as well as today´s 
local community. The data were collected as house and yard files within 
the framework of chronicles for the Carinthian communities Afritz, Klein 
St. Paul, Maria Saal, Rosegg, Steuerberg, and Weitensfeld. In the case 
of Weitensfeld, the number of deposits and the number of arable land 
where not investigated since only manufacturing structures were depicted 

I would like to thank Joachim Eichert for the database.

*5     Vienna – Jewish Community Registers*

This database was *completely rebuilt,* many new entries ware added 
(mostly deaths) and integrated Mödling, Baden and St. Pölten (all three 
in Lower Austria, but with close connection to Vienna!).

Mag. Wolf-Erich Eckstein, I would like to thank you cordially for the 
enormous work!

At the request of many researchers, we have now also created a function 
to search for fathers at the births of children.

*6 Dioceses Passau*

*approximately 202,000 new entries*

Of the now approximately 3,16 million church records from the Dioceses 
Passau about 440,000 are marriages (now complete), about 1,4 million are 
baptisms, and the remainder are deaths.

In this database you will find parish, volumes, page numbers, Last 
Names, First Names, date/year or records, not always profession, as well 
as address/town. You will find the church registers of the Dioceses 
Passau at www.matricula-online.eu <http://www.matricula-online.eu>. You 
will also find a table listing all parishes with updated time frames and 
important tips under Hilfe/Info (Help/Information).

The archive s of the Dioceses Passau and GenTeam would like to thank 
cordially for the transmitted corrections as well as for all new records.

*7     Vienna – Baptism Index between 1585 and 1915*

with today´s update, the first district of Vienna between 1784 and 1900 
was completed: all Catholic baptisms for this period are recorded!

Entries from the parishes 01 Sankt Stefan, 01 Am Hof, 01 
Kontumaz/Armenhaus, 02 Sankt Josef, 02 Sankt Johann Nepomuk, 03 Erdberg, 
03 Landstraße, 04 Wieden (Paulaner), 05 Sankt Josef Margareten, 06 
Gumpendorf, 07 Sankt Ulrich, 08 Alservorstadt Pfarre, 10 Sankt Johann 
Evangelist, 19 Grinzing and 21 Leopoldau were added.

You will find a table listing all parishes with updated time frames 
under Hilfestufe/Help.

at this point, I would like to thank Wolfgang Altfahrt, Gabi Koller, Eva 
Korbl, Elisabeth Kultscher, Georg Marlovits, Dr. Günter Oppitz, Marco 
Puhr, Gerda Smodej, Judith Starke, Wolfgang Strnad and Mireille Trauner 
as well as all who already work on various indices with will soon go online.

I would like to invite to participate on this Index. Simply contact me 
at kontact at GenTeam.at <mailto:kontact at GenTeam.at>.

*8     Vienna and Surroundings: Index of Catholic marriages*

The index of Catholic marriages of Vienna (1542-1860 including the 
military), which was drafted many years ago, is now extended until 1938.

Entries from the parish 09 Votivkirche ware added.

A list of all parishes with updated time frames you will find under 

Many thanks to Jesko Stampa.

*9     Vienna: Index of Catholic deaths*

Since the list of deaths in the Vienna Newspaper contains vast gaps 
(even with consideration of Viennese historic borders, as well as the 
interesting fact that on average approximately 40% entries of deceased 
children 1-year and under are missing); therefore, we at GenTeam have 
begun an index of Catholic burials.

ne entries were added today of the parishes of 01 Schotten, 01 
Kontumaz/Armenhaus and 10 Sankt Anton.

You will find a table listing all parishes with updated time frames 
under Hilfestufe/Help.

I would like to thank Monika Fischer, Martha Melchart and Franz Spevacek.

*10 Indices**from Jewish Registers*

Births, marriages and deaths of the Jewish Community Jamnitz/Jemnice in 
Moravia between 1735 (sic!) and 1846 were added.

I would like to thank Mag. Wolf-Erich Eckstein!

*11 Register**Indices from Lower and Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria, 
Tyrol, Bohemia and kuk Silesia*

Registers of the following Catholic parishes were added:


Ameis, Aschbach, Altruppersdorf, Drosendorf, Erdberg, Falkenstein 
(completely new from the beginning to 1938 plus), Gösing, Pottenhofen, 
Schwarzenbach, Sitzendorf an der Schmida, Stockerau, Waldenstein and 




Großhöflein, Halbturn, Kogl, Pilgersdorf


Sankt Jodok am Brenner, Steinach am Brenner


Bad Aussee



*_Austrian Silesia:_*


You will find a complete listing of parishes with updated time frames 
under Hilfestufe/Help.

At this point, I would like to thank Dominik Bichlmayer, Mag. Friedrich 
Eichler, Ingrid Fleischer, Min.Rat.i.R. Johann Frank, Monika Hauser, 
Franziska Heidrich, Reinhard John, Elisabeth Kultscher, Martha Melchart, 
Leo Pum, Herwig Reidlinger, Mag. Gabi Rudinger-Ferger, Bernhard Siegl, 
Peter Sollinger, Katharina Staudacher, Clemens Weidmann and Theodora 

If you too would like to participate, please, contact me directly at 
kontakt at GenTeam.at <mailto:kontakt at GenTeam.at>.

We would be more than happy if you too would like to play a part with 
GenTeam by creating a database or furnishing an already completed database.

However, if you only have questions, please, contact me anytime.

Now I wish you much joy and success with your research with GenTeam and 
the new entries.

Sincerely yours,

Felix Gundacker

Pantzergasse 30/8

A-1190 WIEN

Tel. +43 676 40 11 059

email: kontakt at FelixGundacker.at <mailto:kontakt at FelixGundacker.at>

www.FelixGundacker.at <http://www.FelixGundacker.at>

“connecting genealogists”

if you receive this email in error or if you wish to be removed from the 
mailing list, please, send a short email with the word “unsubscribe” in 
the subject line to kontakt at GenTeam.at <mailto:kontakt at GenTeam.at>

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