[Csaladtortenet 2] Nagybecskerek

Zsuzsanna Larsson Gilice zsuzsannagilice at gmail.com
2020. Aug. 2., V, 19:28:59 CEST

Kedves Kutatók. 

Én választ kaptam a tavasszal, akkor az Bánat lehet nem pont Vajdaság de azt hiszem Nagybecskerek/Zrenjanin. 
Kedves üdvözlet/Zsuzsanna 

“We possess matricular books for Torda. However, we do not have any online archival materials. The only way for you to make your research is to come personally, and for that (since you are a foreign citizen) you will need a formal permission from our Provincial ministry for culture in Novi Sad. Permission and personal research are both free of taxes.“

About digitalising materials:

“Unfortunately, for now, we do not have the necessary capacities, so our answer is no.”

Best regards,
Historical archive of Zrenjanin

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