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Family History Bulletin 
Discover the Greatest Generation with the
*1940 U.S. Census*
/FREE At WorldVitalRecords.com/
As of April 2, 2012, the 1940 U.S. Census will be
available on WorldVitalRecords.com. After 72 years
you will get access to records of over 132 million people
and learn in detail about the generation that survived
the Great Depression and won World War II.
*The 1940 Census includes information on:*

    * Names
    * Relations
    * Age


    * Household
    * Gender
    * Education


    * Location
    * Race
    * Place of Birth

*...and other facts unique to the 1940 census:*

    * Residence in 1935
    * Detailed income and occupation
    * Supplemental questions for 2 people on each form

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	0 	*Discovering Family Tree Records* 
/by Mark Olsen/

We've just added a powerful new resource to World Vital Records - the 
MyHeritage Family Trees Collection, an exclusive database with more than 
400 million family tree profiles and tens of millions of associated photos.

Using this data collection, researchers can find trees which connect 
with their own or lead to new information about ancestors . Now you can 
quickly find information and learn from other researchers and discover 
family members and yet unknown distant cousins as you search this large, 
dynamically updated collection.

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	*Combining Social Media with Family History* 
/by Tara McIntosh/

As Facebook enters its eighth year and many other social networking 
sites enter the market as publicly traded companies (LinkedIn, Groupon, 
Yelp, Zynga, Twitter). It seems that social media is here to stay.

As genealogists, how can we embrace the online social media tools that 
are available to us these days to further our research?

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Whats Happening!
			We had a wonderful time this last month at the *St. George Family 
History Expo* in St George, UT and the *WDYTYA Live 2012* in London.

As always we thoroughly enjoy getting to meet people who share our 
passion of family history. This next month we will be at two events. So 
be sure and join us at...

*Houston Family History Expo* April 6 & 7, 2012

Learn More <http://lists.worldvitalrecords.com/t/65557022/72429515/7725/0/>

*Albuquerque Family History Expo* April 13 & 14, 2012

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Family Tree Records are a great resource for your family history search 
and can lead you to uncharted territories.

Family Tree Records may include:

    * Name & Alias
    * Death & Burial Dates
    * Photos


    * Births & Christenings
    * Marriages & Divorces
    * And much more!

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